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Green CertifiedBetco Equipment, Innovative Technology.
Betco has applied over 60 years of industry experience into creating the most comprehensive cleaning maintenance products and programs ever supplied by one manufacturer. Betco offers cutting edge janitorial equipment that reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, and optimize processes through cleaning innovation.
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Betco Equipment Solutions Catalog

Stripping Machines Automatic Scrubbers Burnishers
Stripping machines to quickly handle large areas and excessive finish build.
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Automatic Scrubbers with innovative technology to help you clean easier.
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High Speed burnishers that are quieter, safer, and more cost effective.
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Floor Machines Carpet Extractors Wet/Dry Vacuums
Floor machines engineered to perform, rugged durability & reliability.
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Carpet extractors that help you get professional carpet cleaning results.
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Wet Dry vacuums for powerful performance - regardless of cleaning task.
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Air Movers Carpet Sweepers Backpack Vacuums
Air Movers designed to get the perfect airflow to accelerate drying.
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Sweepers that can handle a variety of applications, from carpeting to concrete.
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Back-pack vacuums that are a higher productivity alternative to uprights.
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Betco FiberPRO Air Mover | E85507-00 Betco Workman 3 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum | E85024-00 Betco Bac Pac Lite | Back Pack Vacuum | E85903-00 Betco Workman 20 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum | E83012-00
Betco Crewman 17HD | 17" Heavy Duty Standard Floor Machine | E83013-00 Betco Crewman 20HD | 20" Heavy Duty Standard Floor Machine | E83014-00 Betco FiberPro Carpet Spotter | 3.5 Gallon | E85509-00 Betco Crewman 1600 | Electric High Speed Burnisher | E83015-00
Betco Crewman 2000 | 20-inch 2000-RPM | Electric High Speed Burnisher | E83015-00 Betco Foreman 20DS | 20-inch Dual Speed Floor Machine | E83010-00 Betco Crewman DC 2000 | 20-inch 2000-RPM | Dust Control Electric Burnisher Betco GeneSys 15 | Small Area Cleaning Machine | E88900-00
Betco FiberPro 8-Gallon Self Contained Extractor | E87304-00 Betco Genie B APS | 14-inch Automatic Scrubber | E83039-00 Betco Stealth ASD20BT | 20" Automatic Scrubber with Brush Assist | E87030-00 Betco Stealthâ„¢ ASD20BT | 20" Automatic Scrubber with Traction Drive
Betco FiberPRO 20 | 20-Gallon Self ContainedCarpet Extractor | E87303-00 Betco Big Bertha | 30" Propane Stripping Machine | E12327-00 Betco Stealth ASD26BT Automatic Scrubber | E87026-00 Betco Foreman AS26HD | 26" Heavy Duty Automatic Scrubber
Betco Foremanâ„¢ AS32HD | 32" Heavy Duty Automatic Scrubber | E29910-00
Betco’s expertise does not stop with chemicals.  D'Orazio Cleaning Supply offers Betco's comprehensive line of janitorial equipment that is engineered to provide years of reliable service.