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Betco GeneSys 15 | Small Area Cleaning Machine
Betco GeneSys 15 | Small Area Cleaning Machine | E88900-00
GeneSys™ 15 Spec Sheet
Price: $2,919.00

Product Code: E88900-00

Description Technical Specs
Betco GeneSys™ 15, Small Area Cleaning Machine.
Unit includes 50-ft power cord and 15-in cylindrical grout brush.

The Betco GeneSys™ 15 sets a new standard for versatility, functionality, performance and value.

Quick Facts...
  • 4 Machines in 1... Auto scrubber, extractor, wet vac & power sprayer.
  • 3 Cylindrical Brush Options... for resilient, grout, tile or hard floor.
  • Bi-Directional Squeegees... pick up in forward and reverse.
  • Highly Maneuverable... turns within its own radius.
  • Exceptional Vacuum... 72” water lift, leaves floors dry.
  • Compact... easy to store, easy to transport.
Every day, hundreds of thousands of in-house facility cleaning staffs and contract cleaners are confronted with cleaning millions of small areas. From restrooms to patient rooms, showrooms to dining areas, kitchens to cafeterias and retail to commercial offices, cleaning of small areas has not changed much, especially when cleaning hard and resilient floors.
Traditionally, small hard and resilient floor areas have been cleaned with a mop and bucket delivering poor sanitation, low productivity, poor ergonomics and leaving the potential for costly slips and falls. Betco offers a better way so let’s “drop the mop and ban the bucket” and start to Clean Faster, Clean Better, Clean Safer, Clean more Cost Effectively and Clean Ergonomically...
Clean Better & Faster...

Four time faster than a mop and bucket. Up to 11,000+ sq. ft. per hour. Machine is 38 times more effective in picking up soils than a mop and bucket as measured by an ATP test meter.
Clean Safer...

No wet floor or wet floor signs. Betco’s small area cleaning equipment leaves the floor dry reducing the potential for costly slips, falls and litigation.
Clean More Cost Effectively...

95% to 98% of cleaning cost is in labor. Eliminating multiple mopping trips to remove heavy soil loads and accomplishing the job in 25% of the time adds up to significant savings that more than pay for the machine.
Clean Ergonomically...

Mop wringers employ bending and downward pressure to work. Swinging a mop adds further risk for on-the-job injury. And transporting and emptying buckets can add additional risk for lost time accidents and worker
compensation claims.
E88900-00 by Betco Corporation

  • Optional tool attachments to clean carpet, upholstery, walls, and fixtures.
  • 15" offset cylindrical brush to clean against vertical surfaces.
  • Adjustable solution flow control for a variety of applications.
  • Exclusive water containment and vacuum system to leave floor completely dry.
  • Rear casters for superior maneuverability around obstacles.
  • Easy to remove brush and squeegee assemblies for simple maintenance.
  • Folding ergonomic handle for operator comfort and compact storage.
  • Low profile edge for easy toe-kick and edge cleaning.
  • Removable tanks for easy filling, emptying, and clean-up.
  • Multiple brush options for a variety of different surfaces.
  • Full operation in forward and reverse.
  • Adjustable head pressure to accommodate any floor type.

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