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Betco’s Peroxidraw® Chemical Management Systems
This chemical management system was designed exclusively for the Betco Green Earth® Peroxide Cleaner. Now all you need is one dispenser with one product, and you are ready to go.  Whether it is carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, floor scrubbing or spray and wipe cleaning, this one product creates a complete multi-use cleaning system.
Betco Peroxidraw BrochureGreen Earth® Peroxide Cleaner
• Effective destainer & oxidizer on floors, walls and counters.
Color safe for both carpets or clothing.
• Mild pH can be used safely on virtually any surface.
Peroxidraw™ Dispenser
• No tips to add or hoses to connect, installs in minutes.
• Pre-tipped at the precise dilution for each application.
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Betco Peroxidraw Dispenser | 91140-00
Betco Peroxidraw® Dispenser
Price: $339.10

Utilizes Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner gallons to clean your entire facility. With applications for cleaning glass, all purpose, carpets, and floor cleaning. Can fill both spray bottles, mop buckets and automatic scrubbers. Lockable to prevent tampering.
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Betco Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner | Gallons | 33604-00
Betco® Green Earth® Peroxide Cleaner | 4-Gallons
Price: $89.20

Betco Green Earth® Peroxide Cleaner. Gallon Bottles, Case of 4. The Perfect Multi-Tasking Product... Whether it is carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, floor scrubbing or spray and wipe cleaning, this one product does it all.
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OxyFECT G Limited Disinfectant
Peroxidraw - OxyFECT G Limited Disinfectant - Gallon Bottles Qty-4
Price: $122.54

Don’t just disinfect… OxyFect™. Perfect for use throughout any facility. pH balanced formulation makes it safe for use on glass, carpet, floors, and restrooms. Super-concentrated product is used at 2 oz. per gallon for low end use cost. Kills MRSA, CA-MRSA (Community Acquired), and VRE.
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OxyFECT H Disinfectant
Peroxidraw - OxyFECT H Disinfectant - Gallon Bottles Qty-4
Price: $131.98

The industry's first peroxide hospital disinfectant cleaner. Perfect to clean and disinfect throughout the facility. Use on glass, carpets, floors, and restrooms. One product. Amazing results! Now kills MRSA, VRE, Hepatitis B virus and Influenza A.
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