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Vaportek Bio-C Liquid Odor Controller and Organic Breakdown Agent
Vaportek Bio-C Liquid Odor Controller
Professional Strength Odor Controller and Breakdown Agent.
Bio-C goes beyond simple odor control. A bacterial spore solution, which contains a powerful independent enzyme system, immediately starts digestive activity, decomposing organic matter quickly.   When introduced to a waste environment, catalytic action of the enzymes breaks down large complex organic compounds, stimulating the digesting power of the bacteria. The powerful spore and free enzyme suspension make Bio-C the perfect solution for drain clogs, grease trap maintenance, portable toilet treatment-any application requiring rapid decomposition.
  • Powerful enzymes and nonpathogenic bacterial cultures break down waste naturally and effectively.
  • Eliminate embedded organic stains on bathroom floors and grout.
  • Prevent waste buildup in pipes and drains.
  • Treat food and pet stains in carpets and vehicles.

Available in quart, gallon, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum.

Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
90-1405 Bio-C Pro Breakdown Agent | 5-Gallon Mini-Drum
90-1401 Bio-C Pro Breakdown Agent | Gallons | Qty-4
90-1404 Bio-C Pro Breakdown Agent | Quarts | Qty-6
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  • DRAIN OPENER & MAINTAINER - Accelerated microbial action unclogs drains and keeps them free flowing.
  • GREASE TRAP MAINTAINER - Digests complex waste materials to dramatically reduce frequency of pump-outs while controlling obnoxious odors.
  • PORTABLE TOILETS - Rapidly liquefies toilet waste naturally, while controlling odors.
  • PLUS...skunk odors, bathroom floors, shower scum, loading docks, trash compactor rooms, dumpsters.

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